With so many beauty items out there, it’s sometimes very hard to select the must haves and the waste of money. Here is a list of 10 must haves beauty items.  1. Red lipstick Red lipstick brings out the fierce in you. When you have a day, or when you feel like you can take […]


Going to the beauty salons for a glowing skin can get very expensive, what if you can mix up some ingredients that you probably already have at home to make face wash and masks that are just as good as the ones they make at the beauty salons? Here are 10 easy recipes for you […]


What are the trends going to be in spring? Well, I’ve got you covered! Some of the trends, are pieces you probably already have in your closet. Let’s get to it: 1: The Jean trend:  A jean dress is definitely a must have! That is going to be the it dress, it’s super casual […]


Hey ladies! … And gentlemen. I’ve missed writing to you guys. The reason is that I myself haven’t been feeling fabulous lately. I’ve gained some weight that I desperately been trying to loose, but I haven’t lost all of it yet, so I can’t fit my clothes. Not fitting my clothes has been really hard […]


Hey guys! So, today I was watching the Wendy Williams show and Jlo was wearing this very simple outfit but yet so stylish! Sorry for the blurry photo, I screenshoted it because I couldn’t find a it anywhere. But if you really want to see the outfit, check out Wendy Williams youtube channel. If you […]


Hi fashion lover! Yes, I know I’ve been away for a minute … Or two, but I’ve been busy as hell! I’m back, and I’m bringing you some suggestions for the NYE dresses! This is my pick, and I’m most def. will be on one of them on the 31st of December! Those are not […]


I’m one of the semi-finalists of l’oréal paris trendsetter search (keeping my fingers crossed). This part is all about being a stylist. The task is to create one of these looks; Bohemian, glam, rock or romantic, and make a video! (I don’t even owe a camera, thank God for my iPhone 5s). The easiest for […]


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