This weekend I went to a wedding in Brussels, I don’t know the couple, they are friends to my friends and I got invited as a “plus one”. Weddings are beautiful. The flowers, the dress, the presents and etc., such an event! That’s the easy part, what happens after the ‘I do’? The next step, […]


Last weekend, I went shopping in Nederlands. A town called Roermond where they sell the most exclusive brands half price! It was amazing!! I got a Michael Kors handbag, normal price was 279EUR, I got it for 179EUR And a pair of baldinini shoe, normal price 319EUR, I payed 199EUR I’m in love with those […]

So, yesterday I was hanging with some ‘new’ people somewhere in Europe, and one of them asked me how old I was, and I told him to guess: and he said 19, and another one guessed as well and he said 19 too!! I was like Yeeea! All the hard work is working! I told […]


Let’s talk summer make-up ladies! I’m going to take you through my summer make-up routine, meaning; what I do EVERYDAY! When it’s hot outside, I don’t like the feeling of lots of make-up on my face, it’s like wearing too much clothes in summer… No, summer equals less! After washing face and moisturising my face: […]

Are you single and ready to mingle, but don’t know where to ‘score’? Well, here are some places for you! 1. At the gym! The gym is one of the easiest places to meet guys. What you need to do is, be at the free weight area, yep… Cos that’s where they are. Look around, […]


Girls night out, sushi, wine, cocktails… Nothing big, no disco or anything wild. The look I was going for was, ‘business casual’. I wore a nice shirt, with black trousers, court heels and gold Jewellery to dress it up. Tell me what you think ;) Trousers: Asos Blouse: Miss sixty Shoes: Blink Necklace: Mango Bracelet: […]

I know the results are in a bit late, but… Yes, I’ve been busy with my exams. I must admit, not being able to eat what ever you wanted was not easy and required a lot of discipline. Until I decided to do the diet I thought I was disciplined, but nope… It was hard! […]


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