I’m one of the semi-finalists of l’oréal paris trendsetter search (keeping my fingers crossed). This part is all about being a stylist. The task is to create one of these looks; Bohemian, glam, rock or romantic, and make a video! (I don’t even owe a camera, thank God for my iPhone 5s). The easiest for […]


1. You always make a statement on either the lips or the eyes, never both! Who care? I did both on this glamorous valentines pink! 2. I don’t know on which planet this look would be legal I guess this fish look would be perfect on “the vogue Italia planet”. 3. Following the rule on […]


Go from work to an evening event with only 7 steps. Remember to keep it simple, use a single eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyelashes (optional), mascara and lip gloss. For the evening, add more eyeshadow, a bit more blush and change lipgloss to lipstick. 7 steps with L’Oréal Paris: 1. After cleaning and moisturising your face, put […]


I watch lots of ratchet reality tv-shows! But love and hip hip men always seem to amaze me. They can have the most beautiful girl, but they’ll still have a ratchet looking side chick! Which got me thinking, why do men cheat? Here are 10 reasons. These reasons only explains the why, but is not […]


So, I was walking on the street of Amsterdam when I saw this girl walking on 16cm Heels, and I thought to myself: jeez! That can’t be healthy at all. Heels are a woman’s best friend, because 1. they make you stand up straight 2. you automatically get a better demarche (walk better) 3. They […]


1. Light make-up, try always to use less make-up, unless you are going to the party of the year. Because not only heavy make-up looks very unnatural, but it’s also bad for your skin. Clogging your pores with thick foundation and concealer, will eventually make your skin look tired, dull and greasy, and it will […]


Here are ten attractive features that every man keeps in mind when it comes to deciding if a woman (that is to say, you) sitting at the dinner table from him on a first date, is wifey material or just a girl to “kick it with”: 1. confidence, Nothing is sexier for a guy than […]


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